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EDLF 345 - Introduction to Educational Technology

EDLF 345 anchors the technology strand in the teacher education program. All students in the five-year teacher education program take this course. Three different areas of emphasis are offered: Elementary Education, Secondary Humanities, and Secondary Math and Science.

EDLF 545 - Introduction to Classroom Computing

This course addresses the use and integration of educational technologies in K-12 classrooms. Each member of the class is paired with a teacher in a local school. This partnership is supported by a continuing collaboration between the Curry School of Education and the Albemarle County Public Schools, the Technology Infusion Project (TIP). The Technology Infusion Project was cited as a model of public-university collaboration by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) in its recent study, Technology and the New Professional Teacher: Preparing for the 21st Century.

EDLF 546 - Software Applications in Education

While EDLF 545 is designed for those who will become classroom teachers, EDLF 546 is designed for non-classroom school personnel (counselors, media specialists, principals, and administrators). In contrast to EDLF 545 (which focuses on instructional uses of computing), EDLF 546 focuses on administrative uses of computing as well the support systems needed to employ technology effectively throughout the entire school.

EDLF 589-4 - Electronic Teaching Portfolios

This course permits teacher education students to develop Web-based portfolios that demonstrate teaching knowledge and experience. The Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium's (INTASC) Model Standards for beginning teachers is used as the framework for portfolio development.

EDLF 789-3: The Social Consequences of Technology

This graduate-student directed, interdisciplinary seminar explores -- through the lenses of equity, community, and diversity -- the impact technology has on our lives. Questions regarding current roles of technology in education, government, race relations, gender, & the environment are threaded throughout the course.

EDLF 876 - Computer Applications

This course, designed for doctoral level education students enrolled in the Administration and Supervision Principal Intern program, focuses on selected problems in school business administration and the administrative uses of computers.

EDLF 895 - Practicum K-12

This course permits students to explore issues related to technology and teacher education in depth. Under the guidance of a university professor students work in a K-12 school or on a semester-long project directly related to the integration of technology in education.

EDIS 788 - Field Project

The EDIS 788 field project is considered to be the culminating experience for preservice teachers preparing to teach in the social studies classroom. Students participate weekly in a collaborative learning experience with social studies preservice teachers enrolled at the University of South Florida. Using the collaborative distance education features available in the Curry School's Digital Classroom, students discuss issues related to the infusion of technology into the social studies curriculum through an online case study.

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