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EDLF 589-4 - Digital Distance Education

Digital technologies are making it increasingly feasible for instructors to collaborate with students at a distance. This seminar provides an introduction to these collaborative technologies, including videoconferencing, electronic whiteboards, Web-based courseware tools, and Internet discussion groups.

EDLF 789 - Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC)

In this seminar students collaboratively explore ways in which content-specific applications of technology may change the curriculum. Content areas addressed include math, science, social studies, language arts, and special education. Examples of technologies explored include assistive technology, simulations, voice synthesizing, and graphing calculators.

EDLF 789 - Educational Technology Policy

This course examines how educational technology policies are formed at the state, local, and national levels, as well as the impact of these policies on diffusion of innovation. This course is offered through collaborative education to students at the University of Virginia and Iowa State.

EDLF 789 - Cognition, Learning, and Technology

This seminar explores the relationship between cognitive psychology and educational technology. Many of the seminal studies have arisen from the intersection of these fields. Jerry Willis, professor of instructional technology at Iowa State University, jointly offers this course to students at the University of Virginia and Iowa State through collaborative education. Kara Dawson serves as instructor of record at the University of Virginia.

EDLF 895 - Practicum K-12

This course permits students to explore issues related to technology and teacher education in depth. Under the guidance of a university professor students work in a K-12 school or on a semester-long project directly related to the integration of technology in education.

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