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Center faculty members are committed to producing teachers who can enhance student learning in their content area with the appropriate use of instructional technology. Center faculty and graduate fellows offer technology courses to all teacher education students, many of which relate technology to relevant content areas. In their content area pedagogy courses, instructors model use of technology and provide opportunities for preservice teachers to plan and implement instruction integrating technology.

Center Graduate Fellows

Center graduate fellows participate in a variety of multidisciplinary experiences that prepare them to accept professional leadership roles in teacher preparation programs and K-12 schools. Opportunities including the following:

  • Take common, specialized courses related to technology and teacher education.
  • Collaborate with faculty and doctoral students at partner universitie
  • Conduct professional development workshops for inservice teachers.
  • Co-author articles with faculty and other doctoral students.
  • Design and field test emerging technologies.
  • Teach or co-teach teacher education courses.
  • Present at local, state, and national conferences.
  • Participate in national technology initiatives.

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