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Instructional Resources


These lessons integrate digital media with social studies content. You can view a list of modules organized:
By social studies methods
By K-12 social studies content areas.

Elementary lessons  

Student Work: Virtual Jackdaws

These collections contain digitized primary source documents arranged and presented around a single theme.

The Industrial Revolution
Civil War Stereotypes
Using Uncle Tom's Cabin to Explore Slavery
Virtual Quilt Making
Who Wants to Be a Pioneer?
Investigating Massive Resistance in Charlottesville, VA (1954-1964) as a Historian!

Teaching the Holocaust with the Internet 
This guide has been designed to assist teachers in designing their own Holocaust curriculum. There are hundreds of Holocaust websites offering teacher resources, so the amount of available information can be overwhelming.  Rather than providing an annotated list of Holocaust websites, which can easily be found elsewhere, this site has concentrated on four websites that I have found to be well-designed, up-to-date and helpful. Drawing from these sites, this page will provide step-by-step suggestions for designing a Holocaust curriculum.

Multicultural Guide to the Virginia SOLs

 This guide provides Internet resources for including multicultural perspectives
 into the social studies curriculum. The guide is organized to correspond with the
 Virginia Standards of Learning. It was complied by preservice teachers from the
 Curry School of Education, University of Virginia. 

EDIS 788: Social Studies Seminar

A collaborative learning experience using videoconferencing technology with education students at the University of South Florida. From that experience resulted an action research project that examines the use of technologies and case studies in both preservice teacher education and inservice K-12 education.


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