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Instructional Activities Integrating Technology

The activities described here all take advantage of the unique features of
technology to help enhance conceptual understanding of a variety of science
topics. Additional activities are still under development and will be made available as they are completed.

Print versions (PDF) of these activities are available at the bottom of the opening screen of each activity.

*NOTE: PDF documents have references to Web pages in which the links to do not work. Please use the online version for linking directly to Web pages.

Simulations - NSTA


Flower Anatomy
Exploring Seed Dispersal Mechanisms

Exploring Inheritance


Dynamic Crystals
Melting & Boiling Point Trends
Electronegativity Trends

Earth Science

The Impact of El Nino, Pt. 1
The Impact of El Nino, Pt. 2
Apparent Motion of Stars


Vector Addition
Distance vs. Time Graphs

Physical Science

Exploring Buoyancy and Density
Classifying Matter


Field Trips



These activities were developed and written by Randy L. Bell, Assistant Professor of Science Education, Curry School of Education, with the assistance of his team of graduate assistants and preservice teachers, including Karen Irving, Rebecca McNall, Jeff Nugent, Chris Swan, Gerry Swan, Doug Toti, John Loehr, Michelle Coleman, and Kendall Malone.



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Last modified on October 29, 2008