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Exploring Koch’s Snowflake

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This activity begins with students drawing the first three levels of Koch’s Snowflake with pencil and ruler and numerically calculating area and perimeter. Students will conjecture how these values grow as the Snowflake level continues to increase. Beyond level three logo is employed to create the more complex levels of Koch’s idea. This activity is based on code written by Michael Serra in his textbook Discovering Geometry: An Inductive Approach.

Mathematics: This activity explores the perimeter and area of Koch's Snowflake and provides an entry to fractals, recursion and infinite series.

Mathematical Thinking: In this activity students will be asked to observe and extend patterns of areas and perimeters, and derive expressions for area and perimeter of Koch’s Snowflake. Students will analyze MW code.

Technology: This activity introduces a recursive logo procedure to create Koch’s Snowflake.

Sample Screen Shot:

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