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Drawing Polygons with MicroWorlds

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MicroWorlds (MW) is based on the logo computer language. Like a spoken language, it has a vocabulary and rules for using the vocabulary. This five-part activity introduces students to the basic commands of MW.

Mathematics: Students will use logo to draw regular polygons and other geometric shapes, create patterns, and use interior and exterior angles.

Mathematical Thinking: In this activity, students will analyze properties of geometric figures, make conjectures and explore the connections between logo code and the resultant geometric constructions.

Technology: Logo programming with MicroWorlds (MW), using the following logo commands fd, bk, clean, cg, lt, rt, pd, pu, ht, st. Use of variables will also be introduced.

Sample Screen Shot:

The gray box (two lines of code are entered) in the following illustration denotes the command center.

MW Logo Language Tips



Syntax Example


Moves the turtle forward

FD 45 moves the turtle forward 45 turtle steps.


Moves the turtle backward

bk 33 moves the turtle backward 33 turtle steps.


Clears graphics without moving the turtle’s position.



Clears the screen of all constructions; as well as, repositions the turtle in the center of the screen.



Makes the turtle turn to the left.

lt 60 turns the turtle to the left 60°.


Makes the turtle turn to the right.

rt 32 turns the turtle to the left 32°.


Puts the turtle’s pen down so when the turtle moves its’ path is traced.



Picks up the pen so no marks are left when the turtle moves



Hides the turtle.



Shows the turtle.



Signifies how many times to repeat procedure in parentheses.

Repeat 4 [FD 46 rt 90] executes the command in brackets four times.


Denotes a variable.

:joe Joe is a variable name.

For further help, pull down the help menu for an index of available topics.

Note: MW logo is very sensitive to spacing, thus code must be exact.

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Last modified on August 15, 2001.