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Graph This!

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This activity presents a variety of abstract and contextual tasks that are to be completed both algebraically and graphically.

Mathematics Topics: The collection of tasks included in this activity involve the following topics: problem solving, graphs of linear, quadratic trigonometric, and exponential functions, piecewise linear graphs, Taylor's Theorem, limits, max/min problems, elementary probability.

Mathematical Thinking: Students will solve problems, analyze graphs, derive equations, predict graph shapes, compare algebraic and graphical methods, and relate algebraic, numerical and graphical features of various topics.

Technology: Graphing calculators are used to draw and trace graphs and generate tables.

Sample Screenshots:


Figure 1. Piecewise linear graphs representing conditions in an applied problem

Figure 2. A graph representing a process of continued doubling

Figure 3. A graph showing Taylor approximations to the sine function

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Last modified on August 15, 2001.