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Variations on a Circle

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This activity has students write equations and draw circles using the Cartesian, parametric, and polar coordinate systems. It also asks students to explore translations and rotations of polygons.

Mathematics Topics: Students generate Cartesian, parametric and polar equations of circles. They also work with parametric equations to translate and rotate polygons generated from circles.

Mathematical Thinking: Students generate equations, connect equations and graphs, revise equations

Technology: Graphing calculators are used to draw parametric and polar graphs and trace points.

Sample Screenshots: Below are screenshots of: (1) circles generated from Cartesian, parametric and polar equations respectively, and (2) several polygons generated from altering the parametric equations and/or steps of the original circle.

Figure 1. A circle in three coordinate systems.

Figure 2. Three variations of the circle.

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Last modified on August 15, 2001.