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ExploreMath Activities

Exploring Theoretical and Experimental Probabilities

Theoretical and experimental probabilities are investigated using an ExploreMath activity in which darts are randomly thrown at a dartboard.


Finding the Slope Between Two Points

Using an ExploreMath activity, slope is investigated in the context of roofs and handicap ramps.


Exponential Functions

Exponential functions are introduced with a paper-folding activity in which students create scatterplots, predict models, and assess appropriateness of models. Students then use an ExploreMath activity to further investigate exponential functions.


Absolute Values of Linear Functions

In this ExploreMath activity students are asked to investigate the path of golf balls on a miniature golf course and describe the path using functions involving absolute value.


Least Squares Fit Lines

Students investigate golden rectangles, and graph and analyze data collected by measuring sections of their index fingers. This activity is designed to be an introduction to the Least Squares Fit Line Activity found on ExploreMath.com.


Exploring Period...Period.

Using a tracing paper activity and the ExploreMath website, this lesson focuses solely on the concept of period.  Students explore the meaning of period, periodic graphs including the graphs of the sine and cosine functions, and the effects of the variable b in the sine equation, y = sin(bx).


Points in the Polar Plane

Polar coordinates are introduced as students investigate the bearings on a map of Charlottesville, Virginia. Students further investigate polar coordinates using an ExploreMath activity and convert coordinates of points between coordinate systems.


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