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Microsoft Excel Activities

Collecting and Numerically Analyzing M&M's Data

In this investigation, students collect, organize, and analyze color data from individual sized bags of plain M&M's (1.69 oz.). This activity is designed to be an introduction to the calculation capabilities of a spreadsheet.

What's in the Bag? Further Analyzing M&M's Data

This investigation uses the M&M's data from the previous activity. This activity is designed to be an introduction to the graphing capabilities of a spreadsheet.

Analyzing Smoking and Lung Cancer

This activity uses a data set from an actual study to explore the relationship between smoking and deaths from lung cancer.

Exploring and Analyzing Sequences

In this activity, students generate sequences and cumulative sequences, and analyze each numerically and graphically.

Analyzing Birth Rates

The dataset in this activity lists the number of live births per 1,000 23-year-old women in the United States between 1917 and 1975. Students create a scatterplot and historically analyze the trends in the data.

Analyzing Temperature Trends for U.S. Cities

Students collect temperature data from the website data archive of the National Climatic Data Center. They choose three cities with similar latitude or longitude and compare the average temperatures for each month of the year.

Exploring Sunspots

In this activity, students analyze sunspot data and observe its periodic cycle.

Sunspots and Geomagnetic Disturbances

In this activity, students analyze the relationship between two sets of scientific data.

Simulating Random Events

Students explore probability through experiments such as flipping a coin, rolling one die, and rolling two dice.

Rational Number Relationships

In this activity, students use an interactive spreadsheet template to explore relationships and patterns in rational numbers.

Relationships Between Area and Perimeter

In this activity, students can change the perimeter and then explore how changing the length of side X affects the area of the rectangle. These changes can be observed geometrically, numerically, and graphically.

Fibonacci-Like Sequences and the Golden Ratio

In this activity, students will explore Fibonacci-like sequences and their relationship with the golden ratio.

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