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Project Activities

The mathematics education group is developing a series of instructional modules to prepare mathematics teachers to use technology appropriately. Many activities address concepts spanning several years of secondary content; thus, some modifications may be necessary for classroom implementation.

The activities developed to date utilize the following technologies:

ExploreMath Activities
The Geometer's Sketchpad (version 3)
The Geometer's Sketchpad (version 4)
Global Positioning System
Graphing Calculators
Microsoft Excel
Microscopes and Probes
MicroWorlds (logo)
Digital Cameras
Probability Explorer

The Sketchpad, Microworlds, and Excel activities do not assume any prior knowledge of the software. They are packaged as collections of activities, with the earlier ones introducing many of the basic commands as needed. Later activities incorporate these basic commands and introduce other commands as well. The graphing calculator activities are not calculator specific, and hence do not include keystroke instructions. Some activities can be completed with any graphing calculator while others require recursion, regression and other specific statistical abilities.


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Last modified on September 10, 2005