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The Center's interactive math page was
selected by author James Lerman as
one of the thirteen best Web sites for
mathematics teachers on the Internet
today and featured in his book,
101 Best Web Sites for Secondary Teachers (ISTE).



The members of the Center's mathematics group are developing materials to prepare teachers to use technology to enhance and extend students' learning of mathematics. These materials include activities that engage students in mathematical thinking through hands-on use of technology.


We devised a set of guidelines to shape our development of these activities. The guidelines reflect what we believe to be appropriate uses of technology in mathematics teaching. An expanded version of the guidelines has been published in Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education.

Project Activities

Our focus has been to develop activities using graphing calculators, The Geometer's Sketchpad, Microsoft Excel, the ExploreMath.com website, Global Positioning Systems, and MicroWorlds logo for pre-service secondary mathematics students. Many activities address content spanning several years of secondary content; thus, some modifications may be necessary for classroom implementation.

Interactive Projects

We have developed a website containing interactive projects and downloadable files. These projects span various secondary mathematics topics, such as fractals, probability, normal distribution, projectile motion, and geometry.


Conference Presentations (New)

We have posted materials from our recent conference presentations. These matherials include PowerPoint slides, digital images, Geometers' Sketchpad sketches, handouts, etc.

Related Links

We have developed an annotated collection of mathematics-related websites. These lists include geometry, history of mathematics, and data collection resources, as well as interactive mathematics websites.

Joe Garofalo, Maria Timmerman, Brian Sharp, Beth Cory, Jeff Steckroth, Agida Manizade, and Mary Dunn


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Last modified on August 29, 2008