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Walton Middle School's Handheld Pilot Project

Currently in it's second semester of inception, the pilot program involves using the Palm m130 handheld with Thinkoutside's foldable keyboards for English composition. Walton Middle School's Paula Hoffman has been working with her 8th grade students using the Handheld computers as a suppliment to create writing exercises for her students to write, re-vise, and share with other classmates as part of a study to see how students and teachers are able to use these devices in a classroom. Using the Word-To-Go program that came with the Palm m130s, students are able to type documents on their handhelds in the classroom or any where they go which offers 24/7 access to a computer. When they are in class, the students also have access to an infared printer with the aid of IRprint are able to print out their documents when required by their teacher. The teachers in the class are given two Dell Inspiron Notebook computers so they can syncronize the students documents with Microsoft Word if they need to edit documents or grade assignments that students have syncronized with the computer.



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Last modified on September 10, 2005