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Other departments and schools at the University are approaching collaborative education in various ways. Here are a few examples of other approaches here at the University of Virginia.

Continuing Education
The department of Continuing Education at the University of Virginia has offered and received classes by satellite to and from sites throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia for a number of years. They are now also offering ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) based services to other sites connected to Network Virginia. Continuing Education has one video classroom. They also have another facility in the Engineering School from which they conduct lectures that are broadcast to remote classrooms.

Office of Telemedicine
The Office of Telemedicine at the University of Virginia Medical Center uses a system similar to that in the Collaborative Education Studio to conduct lecture courses.

Video and Audio Conferencing at UVA
The Office of Information Technology and Computing maintains a helpful web site containing helpful information about video and audio conferencing.


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Last modified on September 7, 2005