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There are currently two facilities that are used for collaborative classes and for meetings for between Curry administrators and faculty and their counterparts at other institutions.

A list of classes that use the collaborative education model follows:

EDIS 788 - Field Project: Social Studies

Instructors: Cheryl Mason, University of Virginia & Michael Berson, University of South Florida
Spring 1999

A collaborative class taught jointly by Cheryl Mason, University of Virginia and Michael Berson, University of South Florida.

Preservice social studies students in EDIS 788 participate weekly in a collaborative learning experience with social studies preservice teachers enrolled at the University of South Florida. Using the collaborative distance education features available in the Curry School's Digital Classroom, students discuss issues related to the infusion of technology into the social studies curriculum through an online case study. Additionally, students from both universities engage in an asynchronous conversation with each other throughout the week.

Social Consequences of Technology

Instructors: Laura Blasi and Pete Adamy, University of Virginia
Spring 1999

A collaborative class taught jointly by Laura Blasi and Pete Adamy from the University of Virginia to students at UVA and at Iowa State University.

EDIS 531 - Reasoning Skills: Science

Instructors: Juanita Jo Matkins, University of Virginia & Dr. Klein, St. Norbert College
Spring 1999

A collaborative class taught jointly by Dr. Juanita Jo Matkins of the University of Virginia and Dr. Elizabeth Klein of St. Norbert College, Wisconsin. The collaborative component was for four weeks. Another science methods class taught by Dr. Starlin Weaver of Salisbury State, Maryland is also working along with them, but asynchronously.

EDLF 789 - Diffusion of Educational Technology: Policy and Practice

Instructor: Walt Heinecke & Dorothy Vazquez-Levy, University of Virginia
Fall 1998

This class is taught with students participating from the University of Virginia and Iowa State University.

EDIS 885 - Current Research on Technology and Teacher Education

Instructor: Dorothy Vazquez-Levy
Spring 1999

This class is taught only to students at the University of Virginia with no electronic transmission.


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