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Maria Timmerman



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Maria Timmerman
Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education

Maria teaches courses in mathematics pedagogy for prospective elementary and secondary teachers, and topics in mathematics education for K-12 mathematics teachers. In the context of her mathematics education courses, Maria incorporates content-specific software such as Toys and Sticks microworlds, telecommunications, and calculator-based activities to act as a catalyst for developing students' understanding of mathematics concepts, communication, problem solving, and mathematics connections within the context of real world situations. Her research interests in mathematics education include a focus on mathematics teachers' conceptions (i.e., beliefs, knowledge, and attitudes) of mathematics, mathematics teaching and learning, and teaching with technology. Maria is currently working with Joe Garofalo in developing materials for mathematics teachers teaching with technology, and with Steve Plaskon and Laura Smolkin to develop a plan that will integrate educational technologies in the elementary teacher education program.

Email: mat4f@virginia.edu
Telephone: (434)924-7841



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