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Zahrl Schoeny
Associate Professor, Administrative Technologies

Zahrl G. Schoeny has integrated research technologies in a variety of clinical studies in audiology and physiological acoustics. One of the major projects he developed involved a closed loop data collection system using digitally generated stimuli and automated data collection and evaluation based on a simple two-choice response from the subjects. This system is used to evaluate an individual's ability to process a wide range of auditory stimuli. He taught two different computer application courses for about eleven years. One for communication disorder majors (EDHS 720) and one for Curry School students who needed information on computer applications for special students (EDHS 545 section2). His first work with general Curry School computing began in 1984 when he served as System Administrator for the Curry Teacher Link project. In the 1990s he began serving as Curry Technology Facilitator, with the goal of assisting Curry School faculty with integration of educational technologies into their courses and presentations. He also chairs the Curry Web Editorial Board and serves as Curry Web Administrator. He is a member of the University telecommunications committee, serves on the Virginia Educational Technology Advisory Committee (VETAC) and is a member of the VETAC executive board. He  is collaborating with the Virginia Department of Education on a partnership with schools that will provide all Virginia principals and superintendents with technology leadership training over the course of the next three years. Zahrl is also a member of the PT3 meeting planning committee.

Email: zgs@virginia.edu
Telephone: 434-924-4620



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Last modified on September 7, 2005